***NBA近几十年全面数据 ***



1、“I can accept failure, but I can't acceptnot trying.”—— by Michael Jordan
2、“Even if the world abandonedme, but I also accompany Basketball.”­——by Kobe Bryant
3、“There is a lot of pressureput on me, but I don"t put a lot of pressure on myself. 
	I feel if I playmy game, it will take care of itself.”——by Lebron James
4、“If you're absent from mystruggle,then ,don't be present for my success.”——by Dwyane Wade
5、“They can not break me .The only way to break me is to kill me,and everything 
that does not kill memakes me stronger.”——by Allen Iverson
6、“Basketball, maybe youthink this is just a sport, but I regard it as the air what 
	I breathe everyday, this is the meaning of basketball , the basketball is life.”,
		--by Kevin Garnett
7、“I think no matter where you are, the people who are not open todistinguish color, 
	but the talent and the sweat you flowing.”——by Steve Nash
8、“My name is Tracy, this is not just a name, and I hope that one dayit could be a sign 
	the NBA, a legend, this may be a distant dream, but I amconvinced that he promising
	 to realize this dream and make unremitting effortspower.”——by Tracy Macgrady
9、“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. ”——by Kevin Durant
  “不以天赋而自矜的天才终将成为传奇。” ——凯文•杜兰特 
10、总会有人会不介意你那不堪的过去,与你共勉。——The One